On May 17th 2019, the New and Largest Porsche dealership in the country presented a wonderful Grand Opening. Welcome to Porsche South Orlando. Being the Orlando resident that I am and longtime Porsche enthusiast, It’s been very exciting to see this atmosphere come about. This particular dealership will be a destination strong on the map for many years to come. The Central Florida automotive market definitely needed this and the location is absolutely perfect while easy to reach for all the travelers that visit. I’m very optimistic about future events or gatherings of some kind and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a small amount of dealings with Porsche South Orlando prior to the Grand Opening.

My dear and long-time detailing friend Mr. Andy Ward, with Proficient X & KxK Dynamics has been appointed head of the detailing department. Basically what I’m saying is, the dealership has one of the best auto detailers in the nation under their roof. The car care services provided will be far superior to any other dealership in the area and beyond. And not just for Porsche’s, all makes and models are welcome to set appointments and take advantage of the experience Andy, has to offer. From Basic Detailing, Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings, Window Tint, Swissvax and more.

So the detailing stuff is extremely cool for me but lets not leave out the talented staff and friendly smiles you’ll get when you visit. The tech and service department is top notch and state of the art beautiful. (One of the two service bays in the first picture below) Owner and General Manager Christopher Miele, has formed the perfect environment for new and per-owned vehicles but more so, again, he’s built a destination that the Orlando car market needed. It’s not so much about the size & beauty as much as it is the people behind it and the intentions to welcome any and all with open arms. Striving for the hospitality that Orlando is so known for, essentially the happiest place on earth due to the surrounding neighborhood.

So the Grand Opening was a fun & relaxing night with a guest list of 550 people coming from all over, even other states. It was great to see and share in some moments with a few of my local and semi local friends. Running into my good friend Alfred Marino, was the highlighted surprise for myself. Any and all time I’m able to spend with Alfred, is a true blessing as I wasn’t expecting to see him. It was also great to run into Matthew Henry, from Singer Vehicle Design again. I met Matthew and the new prototype Singer at Garage 26 in Miami during the DRT event in February and unfortunately I didn’t grab a picture with either. So grabbing a photo with Matt, and the borrowed display Singer was a must this time. Overall it was a great evening with good friends while meeting some really wonderful new ones.

The morning of the grand opening, I stopped by to help Andy, wipe down a few cars and get an early peek before the storm.

source: https://aowheels.com/porsche-south-orlando-grand-opening-2019/